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May 24, 2021

Steve Quinton is the Pembroke access rep for the British Mountaineering Council, and is the link between climbers and conservation bodies and landowners. He works to ensure that we can continue to access the amazing crags in Pembrokeshire while ensuring any seasonal, and other restrictions are sensible.

Ellis started climbing in 2013 along with his Dad, a trained professional, when he went out exploring the cliffs of Pembrokeshire. His achievements culminated in him winning the Welsh Regional events last year in his age category.  Ellis says that the satisfaction of climbing to him comes from all the small, individual achievements that make you want to keep doing it again and again.

Nell started with the climbing team when she was aged 9yrs old. She has a very strong category to compete within, however, her dedicated training paid off and this year Nell achieved 3rd place in the Welsh Regional events.  Nell likes to climb because it takes her mind off things and is a great way to keep fit.